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Client Comments
“There are many things that I like about the Van Hirtum Consulting Group, but I especially appreciate the way they make sure that you fully understand the points and recommendations they extend before they continue.  VHCG has improved our profit potential by several hundred thousand dollars!  While assisting in the implementation of much needed management and process improvements.”

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the Van Hirtum Consulting Group for the much needed help and advice regarding profit improvement, cash planning, business planning, and cost control.  We are a small company where everyone wears many hats.  From time to time, we need the expertise that they provide.  VHCG was able to step forward with the much needed and valuable improvements that greatly contributed to our success.”
President of a precision design equipment manufacturer
“We used the services and expertise of Leonard Van Hirtum, Partner, VHCG as interim Chief Financial Officer for our UK based subsidiary.  He and his firm provided excellent financial, MRP and production process improvement services during a challenging transition phase of our UK operations.  I am pleased to recommend the Van Hirtum Consulting Group.”

“We needed to change our corporate culture, and change quickly so that the message was not lost in the process.  Within weeks of the training workshops, I saw a dramatic shift in the way our employees approached problems and delivered customer service.  Alice is dedicated, creative and resourceful.” -
client company
“Our employees are our customers.  Alice understood immediately, and developed a training program unique to our philosophy.  We will benefit from her expertise well into the next century.”
CFO of client company
“Your seminar was simple but incisive and thought provoking.  We hashed out some important issues, prioritized them, and left with an action plan.  The responsibility is now ours to turn it into tangible results.”
Division Director at client company
“Alice gets the job done. She can distill complex ideas down to two sentences.  She is proactive. A doer. She always follows through. When she says she is going to do something, she does it.”
CEO of client company
“She is a very good listener, and very organized.  She comes up with practical solutions.  Very pragmatic.  Relates to both of us (business partners): the intellectual one and the pragmatic one.”
Co-owner of client company
“Thank you.  I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting and working with you.  It is a long process to evolve a sales organization from transaction-focused to consultative selling.  Encouragingly, I’m seeing this evolution take place.  Again, thank you for all your help as we have definitely begun the transformation process!”
Marketing manager at client company
“I just finished a session with Alice Buckner, who trained my managers on Training for Supervisors and how to utilize the EAP.  She was fantastic and we would definitely use her again.  Just wanted to give you my feedback.” 
Lillian Della Penna, Human Resource Manager, BankNorth,
“I am writing to inform you of what a terrific presenter Alice Buckner is.  I really appreciate how down to earth Alice is and how she gets a "feel" for the group she presents to.  I have received nothing but positive feedback from the groups.  She is so flexible and knowledgeable, she's a treasure.  Thank you for sending us Alice Buckner!!!”
Julie Pinard, Area Human Resource Manager, Shaw's Supermarkets,