Van Hirtum Consulting Group
"Charting Your Success"
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Need help charting your course?

Having trouble maintaining your business direction?
Profits draining away?  Cash flow too low?
Do you need to change your business course or direction?
Practice Overview
The Van Hirtum Consulting Group with its Corporate Finance Group helps both emerging-growth and established companies succeed in a market subject to rapid change, challenges and opportunities. We are a leader in representing both mature and high-growth companies from start-up through initial public offering and beyond. Our client areas of services within consulting and corporate finance include:
         Financial Improvement
        Strategic Management and Planning
        Manufacturing Methods Improvement
        Business Software
        Corporate Finance
        Human Resource and Related Services
        Search Engine Optimization
        Mergers and Acquisitions
We listen to our clients, then provide them with hands-on consulting, as well as strategic and legal advice to help them achieve their goals. We work closely to provide our clients with business-oriented solutions to their complex problems.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to identify the key issues, problems and concerns that are faced by our client business organizations. We are committed to assisting our client management teams in developing, facilitating, and implementing the necessary programs, methods, and procedures to improve their sales, operations, organizational effectiveness, and business profitability. We will be a partner in our client’s success-client success is our goal.
Van Hirtum Consulting Group has a network of top notch professionals to provide a wide range of expert services in the areas of: finance, accounting, operations, manufacturing, MIS, human resources, marketing, sales, legal, and overall management. We can provide the appropriate resource to ensure your success.